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    Exclamation Problems with activating server admin account.

    I recently set up a TS3 server with my NPL. I got the server up and running but there is a problem. When I first started up the server I did not see the Admin Token in the black server prompt window, instead it saved a .DAT file on my hard drive. Usually this would be ok, but when I open the file it is a bunch of special characters and it will not work when I attempt to use it. I tried to open it in 2 programs, notepad and MS Word. What can I do? Should I just get another NPL and try again?

    Thank you, NME-Muerte

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    This is what appears in the file...
    渁氰ȃĂȰ⬰䳞᷋�돶鵍竺狤鮟鹿≹釹┱㉳�큻떗濜⠁ాО떅괓˛1㣒廔Ⴚ鰏镫䢫퇯彼썜缰粥胤룂町卨ℿ�欳 簏�龻㼦
    Any idead how to convert it to a readable file???
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    This file.dat doesn't contain the Token.
    You can see it, in the first server log, in the "logs" folder.

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