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    Can't connect no privilege key field iOS

    I have an iphone 4s and im trying to get into a friends server, however the first time i got in via a PC he sent me a privilege key i used to access it, but now i see the app doesnt have a privilege key field. How am I supposed to connect? I succesfully imported my PC identity but it still says invalid server password; is there some way to check the server password from the inside? (if is has one).

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    When connected to a server, from the actions menu at the bottom-left, choose "Use Privilege Key".


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    Sorry to bump such an old thread but I can't find any answers newer on this. Not every server owner gives out the server password for security reasons, hence why using Privilege Keys to gain access. In the desktop app, you don't need a server password but on iOS you do before you can connect to enter your key.

    Is this going to be addressed to make the app comparable with the desktop version?

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    Such server onwers can create temp passwords.

    The mobile client will (there are no plans yet) not have all client features.
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