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    Question Server info clean up?

    Is there a way to remove the info on the right panel such as Codec codec quality type and voice data encryption.

    The people i have connecting to my server don't need to know this info nor do they care.

    Honestly the only info they need per channel is name, current clients, subscription status and the most important is Description (its a MUST!)

    if there is a way to do this server side that would be super

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    It's not possible.
    And there is no reason for that, there is no sensible informations there

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    I agree with the original poster. There is much information in the right panel that our members don't use and don't care about. Removing some information would make the information our guild members DO want more clear. For example, we don't need "codec", "codec quality", etc. displayed in that window. Too much information means that the things we Do want seen, like "description", get overlooked.

    There must be some way to hide individual lines or hide the right panel all together...

    --- Merged ---

    I'm finding that there is a LOT of data in the right panel that neither I (the admin) nor my users want. Codec, max clients, codec quality, etc. As an admin, I can get all that info when I want it so there is no need for it to be displayed in the right panel and it creates SO much text in that panel that the few things my members do want, such as description, get overlooked.

    So, where does all that data come from, the program or the server? I've looked at images of different themes and not all images show the same data. As the admin, is there some way, even a workaround, to stop individual lines, such as Codec Quality from appearing in that panel? If not, why do I see images with different data displayed?

    --- Merged ---

    Bump... Can someone at least explain why different servers have different data in that right panel?
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    Quote Originally Posted by tellerd View Post
    Bump... Can someone at least explain why different servers have different data in that right panel?
    I hate to bring it to you, but you already answered your question. "different themes" Obviously with themes you can control what parts of ts3client are hidden or showing on different places.

    So to make it more clear for you, look on "css" or stylesheets coding. Then in for example using notepad or some other text editor open
    ts3clientInstalled \styles\default\channelinfo.tpl

    As for my opinion, in default install of teamspeak I do not see a use in removing such info from default theme.

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