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    Question Server Redundancy - how to?


    I want to start a backup server (redundancy) for my TS3 server.
    This backup server should run on a different *physical* machine, and provide service whenever the main server is offline.

    How do I configure the main server to recognize the redundant server?
    How do I configure the redundant server to work with the main server?
    What do I tell the users to configure in their TS3 client software, in order to use this redundancy service?

    Thank you,
    T~A (TS3, winXP)

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    1. You don't.
    2. You don't.
    3. Nothing.

    The answer is in the first line of your message.
    A properly set up backup server should step up whenever the main server fails.
    For more information - google for "heartbeat" and "high availability cluster".

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    Depending of you both operating systems, you can create a tool (on the second machine for example) to check the main machine.
    If you use Linux, this tool can use the ssh connection to check the process list (and find the TS3 PID) or, second way, this tool can check the ping answer time.

    Of course, this tool have to check and copy regulary the main database (for the Teamspeka Instance) or take regulary a snapshot for some specific virtual server (again depending of your configuration).

    About the client, you can use the TSDNS server to redirect the clients to the second machine.
    If you don't use the TSDNS, all users have to know the address of the second machine.

    Here a little example on linux system with the TSDNS server (quick example and this script is very not complete )
    count=$(ping -c $COUNT $HOST | grep 'received' | awk -F',' '{print$2}' | awk '{print $1}')
    if [ $count -eq 0 ]; then
    	echo "Host down, go to activate the second server"
    	su ts3server -c "cd ${TSDNSPATH} && ./ stop"
    	su ts3server -c "cd ${TSDNSPATH} && mv tsdns_settings.ini tsdns_settings.first"
    	su ts3server -c "cd ${TSDNSPATH} && mv tsdns_settings.second tsdns_settings.ini"
    	su ts3server -c "cd ${TSDNSPATH} && ./ restart"
    	echo "Host ok"
    If this script get a very bad ping answer, it changes the TSDNS settings (the second address is in the second ini file) and restart the TSDNS.
    Now all users will be redirect to the second machine.

    There is several ways for that and this is just an example.

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