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    URLplayer (teamspeak music streaming)

    I know I have heard people talking about music streaming before, well take a look at this:

    I have been programming a bot that streams requested songs/music to a teamspeak channel. The bot connects to a running teamspeak 3 client on the same machine (it uses this to do so). The bot listens for commands inputted by any other clients in the channel the bot is currently in. For example, a client may write:

    !play [page url] - loads the page and plays any sounds found on the page (e.g. youtube).
    !stop - closes the open web page.
    !about - displays information about the bot.
    !help - displays a list of commands.

    Any client that is in the channel and has the ability to type in the channel chat can input any of these commands. The client(s) also do not even have to had downloaded any modifications themselves, they just join the channel and start using the bot that is running off another machine. The bot simply broadcasts any sounds found on the website requested.

    This program is run along side a teamspeak 3 client (preferably one that is on 24/7, it should be run on a dedicated server), and is written in C# .net 4.0. I will not be releasing it yet (way way way to buggy), and when I do I will need to create a list of how to set up the program, because you will need to have a client on constant transmission and have its microphone set to record the sound output (e.g. record speakers, such as Stereo Mix, which can be enabled by most sound drivers). You will also need max channel quality (it does sound like the real thing if this is the case). But once its up and running its really cool to use.

    I wrote this up to tell everyone about what I am coding and would like feedback on whether or not many people would use it (or your idea's on it). I know I will definitely be using this myself.

    Thank you,
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    i tryed it, it was horrible. i found another one better but only one issue it's got bugs and it won't let u turn it off lol

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    I would definitely use this.

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    I may make it available soon. Im just having trouble with internet explorer dependencies. Id much rather use firefox to load pages....

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