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Thread: Plugin Menus

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    Lightbulb Plugin Menus

    Client: 12.01.2012 15:22:23

    While the ability to finally add Menu Items to the Client & Channel Context Menu as well as to the global Menu Bar is certainly nice it is also quite useless in its current state imho.

    Some things that came to mind:
    • You HAVE to create all your Items in one place.
    • You CANNOT change your Items in any way once created.
    • You CANNOT remove your Items in any way.
    • It is generally way too abstract.

    • It would be nice if you just had a few Functions on ts3Functions Struct like these:
      • QAction* addMenuItem(PluginMenuType type, char* name = 0, char* IconPath = 0);
      • void removeMenuItem(QAction* menuItem);
      • void renameMenuItem(QAction* menuItem); // Not really required.

    • Being able to create / change / remove Menu Items anywhere at anytime.
    • Giving Developers full Control over their Menu Items by actually returning the QAction Pointer.
    • Eliminate the need for the #define's
    • Eliminate the need for the Helper Function
    • Eliminate the need to know upfront how many Items one could possibly need at any given time
    • Allow for Menu Items to be hidden / disabled in certain situations
    • Make the Feature actually usable.

    • Developers would need to download the Qt Source.

    While there is also the (rather small) disadvantage of having to have the Qt Source available I think the advantages clearly outrank the disadvantage.
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