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    HELP: I've got a quick question about the TS3 viewer plugin...

    I have a WordPress site that I'm trying to setup a teamspeak 3 plugin/widget on and every time I key in the information I get an ID 111 Error

    I set the teamspeak server up at my house and I have opened all three ts3 ports. The teamspeak is working perfectly fine, I've tried several different users and they have all successfully connected and were able to communicate.

    Here are the three blanks I have to fill in from the "widgets" section of my dashboard.

    1.) Server IP or DNS: I use the same ip I sent to everyone to connect to the ts3 server correct?

    2.) Queryport: which I assume is the standard 10011 port

    3.) Virtual Serverport: I'm guessing this is the 9987 standard port?

    I might be wrong, well I must be because I can't connect. I have all the info I thought I was going to need since set the TS3 server up and it's running fine.

    Anyways feel free to talk to me like I'm 7 years old, because I'd like this to be as easy as possible to fix.

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