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    Mass Move, Mass Poke - Superadmin privileges updated for TS 3.0.18+

    Hey everyone,

    I updated and fixed the problem on the, which I attach the update below.

    The instalation method is:

    1) Download and extract at /teamspeak3 folder/plugins/lua_plugins
    2) Open Teamspeak >> Settings >> Control Plugins and "ticket" the <<Lua Pluguin>> option.
    3) Type on the chat /lua load chancontrol.lua (you have to do this command every time you open the Teamspeak, so save this command).

    Now use <</lua run mp> or <</lua run mm>> commands.

    Have fun, bye!
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    can you add a command for only poke a specific server group ? by id...


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    Can you update the plugin to API 21?

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    = Channel Control Module Version 1.3 by Willy_Sunny =
    Error running Lua function 'mm': ...ata/Roaming/TS3Client/plugins/lua_plugin/chancontrol.lua:90: attempt to index a nil value (global 'vararg')

    Help please

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