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    Move user automatically

    Hey, i would like to move a user automatically to a new servergroup after x server-connects. How can I do that?

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    I think this is not possible standard but i am sure that you can make this with LUA

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    February 2011
    Okay... with server query?

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    Creativeee talk about a plugin here.
    You could use the LUA to create one (or compile a plugin) but in my sense this s not really a good solution
    (Some datas must be saved to know who must be add or not)

    More efficient, you could create an extenal script using, as you wrote, the query system.

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    Not worried about abuse? or the lack of consistency of people that DC regularly?

    Something that creates a "rank" if you will that is generated by simple math that includes how long ago was their first connect and their connections? Assuming server side you could even filter out abusers and DCers.

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