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    Random sound quality issues.

    Maybe this best goes in the bug support forum, but since I don't really have a bug to issue but instead a vague problem we are encountering, I thought I would start here in this forum first.

    We use teamspeak with a fairly large group of people (25-30). We host the server ourselves (using the non-profit license) on an amazon cloud server.

    Recently (in the last week[s]) the sound quality has gone way down. Quite a few people constantly cut in and out and/or their voices sound robotic. The problem is this is not consistent. While 1 person may be able to hear me speak clearly, another may not (this issue randomly applies to quite a few people in the group).

    Some people seem to think it was the most recent teamspeak update (IE, the issues started happening when it was released)... But since my memory for such things is poor, I cannot say for certain.

    Thoughts/comments/suggestions are most welcome. Thank you for your time.

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    You are probably experiencing a poor connection and significant packet loss (say around 20% loss). Since it seems to be random and happen only to certain people this is probably your problem. Even if your connection is great, other peoples' might not be.

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