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    Cool [PREVIEW / TEST] TS3 Group Chat

    This is a Plugin that implements a GroupChat Feature to TS3.
    A GroupChat is a private Chat with multiple People at the same time.

    Invite others to a Groupchat and chat with multiple Clients on the same Server regardless of the Channel the Clients are in.

    You can create multiple Chats with different (or the same) people on multiple Servers.
    The only requirement is that all Clients in the same Groupchat must be on the same Server (you can of course have chats on different servers at the same time).

    Please try it out and tell me what you think.

    Since the Mod kept raping the Thread, removing Links I uploaded it to the Addons Page on Saturday and am now waiting for it to be approved.

    Download here: ********

    Latest Development PreRelease can be found here.

    PreRelease's are early Development Versions introducing Bugfixes and/or new Features which might not necessarily be stable and should generally be considered Test / Beta Releases.
    PreRelease Versions are also more likely to support the latest TeamSpeak 3 Client from the Beta Channel.

    This is a Testversion intended only to get a greater amount of Feedback.
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    How do I use this?
    Should I install only the server?
    All clients must have the plugin?
    I can not use it ...

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    PreRelease beta3 available.
    === beta3  released  07 Feb 2012
    - Fixed not beeing able to close GroupChat Tabs which ran on Servers you are
      no longer connected to.
    + Automatically convert plain text URLs into clickable Links.
    - Fixed beeing able to create GroupChats with empty Names.
    + Plain Links longer than 60 Characters are now shortened automatically.

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    Ok, i downloaded it and installed it, btw. the downloads here in the Addon Section still has Version Preview. But anyways, tried to run it. Installed it also on a friend's PC (WinXP), my PC has Win7, I tried to invite him to a group chat and that Window came up, telling me where to download the Plugin etc. and then we pressed on OK but nothing happend after that.

    We both had the necessary C++ Files.

    I don't know why it didn't work, but as long as it doesn't really work, I deinstalled it again. Will recheck on that when its a bit more developed.

    --- Merged ---

    Ok, forget what I just said. Downloaded the latest Version now for both of us and tested it. Works great.

    Btw, is there any plan for future permission settings maybe ? So not everyone can start a group chat. But i guess it might take a while. But its a very good first start.

    I already like it very much because you finally did what I disliked in TS3, the very bad way to show a chat. Down in the text window in TS3 it was all very bad overlookable. Now its more like a Channel and User thing, as in IRC or even in other Voice Apps I am not allowed to name here because they dont like it.

    Thanks man, appreciate this.

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    The author of this plugin has been banned permanently from our forums...

    *** THREAD CLOSED ***

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