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    Question Transferring sqlite3 -> mysql via snapshots

    Hey everyone.
    I have a ts3 server and after about 6 months using sqlite3 I want to change to Mysql.
    I'm using latest TS3 server version for linux - 3.0.1 (2011-11-17 08:34:30) on Linux, server version for Windows - 3.0.1 (2011-11-17 08:34:30) and my OS which is Windows 7 x64 I have installed latest client - 3.0.3 (2012-01-20 11:49:07) on Windows
    I had an idea that making a snapshot on running sqlite3 and deploying it on mysql is easier than converting DB's, so I tried to do that on my pc with Win 7 x64. The problem is that when I try to deploy a snapshot via ServerQuery it gives error id=516 msg=invalid\sclient\stype(47 ms)
    and via telnet (putty) - error id=1538 msg=invalid\sparameter.
    Please, don't write "use search" because I've tried to search forums here and found nothing which could help me, or at least I didn't understand so I'm requesting for a enlightment

    Could someone write step by step how to convert linux -> windows snapshot and send it again to linux-based server?

    Is it theoretically possible to transfer entire TS3 DB from sqlite3 to mysql via snapshots?

    What's more profitable - transferring via snapshots or converting sqlite3 to mysql?

    Thanks in advance for responsing and regards

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    I would not use a snapshot to convert the server from sqlite to mysql because a snapshot doesn't backup things like serverquery logins, templates etc.

    But as example this thread explains step by step how to convert from sqlite to mysql

    SQLite to Mysql Howto
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    Ok, sorry for so last response. I've converted sqlite to mysql, just the late problem was that Linux PLD required a mysql package hidden deeply in that forums but finally it worked, and works perfectly. Thread can be closed, regards

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