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Thread: Privilege key

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    Privilege key

    Hi there,

    I`m having a problem filling the correct Privilege key.
    When i connect to my new virtual server it will ask for my privilege key.
    I`ve copied the privilege key from the query to my clipboard and pasted it.
    This key must be the only key i have. Still it tells me that this key is not correct or allreadyi n use.

    I`ve tried to setup a new virtual server,
    this time the admin query tells me my new login and password but the privilige key isn`t showing. Tried this several times now neither of all attempts will give me the key.

    What to do now because i cant manage the new virtual server.

    Kind regards,

    Johan de Heer

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    If the privilege key is not showed, there seems you had started a second Teamspeak Instance instead create a second virtual server.
    In this case all ports are already used by your first instance.
    And I guess you haven't a NPL license to start another virtual server.

    Are you 100% positive that you copy the entire key ?
    Do you try to create another key with the query command (tokenadd) ?
    You could try to remove the database to start like a fresh install.

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