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    February 2012

    Please help me TS Server error

    when i try to connect to a server through both connect and server list it says that it failed to connect to the weblist server.

    can someone please help me?

    Thank you -ozidog

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    February 2012

    Can't join to any server

    I had a problem:

    Today i wanted to join to the server which i used to join every day since about a year ago, but today i couldn't. Neither in server list nor in direct connect.

    Afterwards i wanted to join others servers but i was unable to loceate them in the server list, no server appears in my list (i checked the filters twice). It's not the servers fault 'cos my friend told meg that he is now on the server and i still dont see it in the list and cant join directly.

    Can u please help me? yesterday everything was still working properly...

    P.S.: I reinstalled ts_client twice
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    May 2010
    Threads merged.

    I guess it was related with the addons website problem and it's ok today.

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