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    Solved (Suggestion) Edit channel description


    Once this issue be resolved
    the advanced editor will be the tool used for editing the description field.

    The suggestion is having a direct acces to it, a kind of "Edit channel description" option, and its associated icon. Then the advanced editor would include "Accept", "Cancel" and "Apply" buttons.

    For example, be the case of editing a description and considering the usual two editions cycle (usually the first edit always have some mistake),

    Select the channel
    --> right click --> Edit channel (--> or directly from 'Edit channel icon')
    --> Advanced editor
    -------> Edit/Modify the description
    --> Close --> Apply --> Advanced editor
    -------> Edit/Modify the description
    --> Close --> Accept.

    Select the channel
    --> right click --> Edit description (--> or directly from 'Edit description icon')
    -------> Edit/Modify the description
    --> Apply
    -------> Edit/Modify the description
    --> Accept.


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    I don't think this is really needed. It's 2 click, to get into the channel editor and a 3th click to get into the advenced editor.
    I do not edit my channel every minute.
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