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    TeamSpeak 3 PHP Integration problem

    I've tried several scripts that I found on the internet about TeamSpeak 3 PHP integration.
    When I couldn't get runing anyone of them I tried to use a Wordpress plugin that would do that for me.
    So I found one and installed it.
    Set the IP to my IP and left the ports by default, I didn't change anything to my server anyway.

    here's the result:
    Bottom right widgets panel.

    As you can see it pops up an error:
    Error (ID 2568) insufficient client permissions (failed on serverinfo 8471/0x2117)

    Any ideas why is that?
    I also tried this PHP script here:

    And it says "Server offline".
    All the tests were made while on the server we had like 5-10 people connected.

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    You could take a look on the addons website :
    I guess you have to set some several permissions. As exemple, you have the FAQ (

    And, the error message show you where is the error.
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