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    TeamSpeak 3 Client 3.0.5 Release Discussion


    TeamSpeak 3 Client 3.0.5 has been released on 16th February 2012. This release mostly concentrates on fixing problems, but also contains required changes for the upcoming next server release, so we advise to upgrade your client soon.

    The changes:

    === Client Release 3.0.5 15 Feb 2012
    * Caps Lock now available as hotkey on Mac
    * Minor bookmarks manager layout overhaul
    * Adjusted Linux runscript to work better with KDE
    - Fixed misbehaving "More" button in All Clients List
    - Fixed possible crash when connecting to server
    - Fixed chat input field when switching chat tabs and text was selected
    - Disable "Show ServerQuery Clients" when adding a bookmark via a ts3server://
      link with "addbookmark=<label>".
    - Use nickname of default identity when connecting via ts3server://
    - Hide empty global "Plugins" menu when no plugin creates a global menuitem.
    - Display bookmark name in server tab, bookmark name was previously ignored.
    - Fixed detecting changes in bookmarks manager with new serverquery and
      soundpack settings.
    - Add bookmark from ts3server link as last item on first level of the tree
      instead of subitem of the last folder.
    - Calling requestFileList in plugins no longer opens file browser window in
      client (note plugins should use return codes to implement this properly).
    - Updater: When autostarting the client, keep the start button disabled to
      avoid starting the client multiple times.
    - Escape "&" in bookmark labels when shown in menu
    - Fixed issues banning visible client when ban power was set by channel group.
    - Fixed anti-flood message printed in wrong tab
    - Fixed chat tab notification markers when switching between multiple servers.
    - Newsticker performance improvements.
    - Fixed possible crash when clicking toolbar buttons while switching servers.
    - When clicking ts3server links with addbookmark=<label>, request adding new
      bookmark if the specified label does not yet exist.
    We are looking forward to your feedback and appreciate all the assistance given by the community testing the beta clients.

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    Ok, thanks guys. Works fine.

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    I miss "+ Added Admin Avatar delete" in the Changelog.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SmokinShark View Post
    I miss "+ Added Admin Avatar delete" in the Changelog.
    You already knew, that this feature won't come with client 3.0.5........
    I will send that request to an developer.

    As you maybe know already, this needs new permissions in our server.
    Server 3.0.2 won't include this feature (as far as we know yet)

    "don't nail me for this next sentence"
    This should be included with client 3.0.6 or 3.0.7 and Server 3.0.3
    It's done when it's done. Please subscribe this Thread and you will get informed as soon something is done with that feature.
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    TeamSpeak FAQ || What should i report, when i open a client thread?

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    Hi Guys!!

    Build number please?


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    3.0.5 [Build: 1329301801]

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