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    Question ServerQuery password, hide channel, set channel needed modify power

    After clicking Tools->serverquery login, a random password is generated. Is it possible to change that password? Also, after using it, what permissions does the new account have?
    Another few small questions that doesn't have anything to do with it. Is it possible to totally hide a channel? (Not talking about seeing the players, I mean completely not seeing the channel) and how do I automatically set the "Needed modify power" permission on channels"? Currently I see that only the needed delete power is automatic.
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    This asnwers how to change the password. This is also answered in our server docs.
    You can not hide a channel.

    You need a plugin, to set the i_channel_needed_modify_power automatically. Currently it is not needed by default permissions.
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    He probably meant to change the password of a query login created by an user (and "extras->serverquery login").
    Shouldnt this be possible with "clientupdate" command?

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    If you change your login name, you get a new password. Please see the query manual's clientupdate section on details how to do that.
    From what I know, you cannot change other people's query login. If you want to keep them from connecting, remove the respective permission.

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    I just wanted to change it so you can memorize it, and not a random password.
    Oh well,
    Thanks anyway

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