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    Automatic restart of TS3-Server (Linux/Debian)


    i'm aware that this topic is perhaps a common question, sorry if this question is posted every month or so. But i didn't find a good thread about it or a article in the knowlege base. Every thread about this i found was from 2006-2009. But maybe i used the wrong words for my search.

    So, whats the best way to automaticly restart the TS3 Server after a reboot of my linux server (Debian Squeeze). I'm relativly new to linux. Any help or links to a short how to would be welcome.


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    The best way should be a init.d script (you could several on this forum using the keyword "autostart")
    Someone prefer use the cron job - but in my sense this is not the "cleanest" solution.

    Before anything, I suggest you to surch on google some documentation how this systems works (cron or init.d script) to avoid any non volontary error

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    I've got a problem. I'm totally newbie, but I bought today VPS (clean on Debian 6.0 64bit amd), I installed Team Speak 3 server, everything is working fine (server starts, I can join, edite everything etc.) but I cannot set it autostart and cannot leave Putty (SSH client) because server disconnects.

    I used Autstartscript, changed path to TS3 directory, but after I write reboot, server is rebooting but TS3 server wont start. Nothing happens. I must manually start it by ./ start.

    But that won't let me leave Putty. Any help?


    I I'm using ./ server won't disconnect. Everything is fine. But now I need only working autostart script.
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