Here is Nimac's permission
Here is Burst's permission

The problem is that Nimac cant move Burst when Nimac is in a specific channel, but he can when he's in any other. he got the error : "insufficient client permissions (failed on i_client_move_power)"

I've made a other account with same permission as Nimac, and i can move Burst, even if i'm in the channel. (permission got taken when Nimac was in the channel)

The channel perm are set to 0, only delete power is set a 50, and he's password protected.

I've tried to give nimac move power 100, and created a user with needed move power 100, he can move it, but still cant move Burst so i dont understand. I've nothing in log files.

Server run under linux, and is 3.0.1
both client run 3.0.5 under windows.
a other client who he cant move run 3.0.0-beta36.

any idea where the problem is?