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    Well, if you are also having the freezes when you are not playing running game, it looks like game is not responsible. The reason i asked was because i wanted to know if TS was using all the cpu power.

    It would really help me if we can figure out from what version on it started to go wrong for you. It would help if you could test some older versions to see if they have or do not have the freeze problem.

    Could you please install client version 3.0.3 (download here: ) and see if that has the freeze bug. It would give me a better idea on where to look

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    I returned from Easter holiday. I tried all versions of TS Client Win 7 * 64 bits available (3.0.2 / 3.0.3 / 3.0.5. / 3.0.6) but the problem did not disappear. I will open a thread on game forum to see what happens. My laptop randomly freezes when CPU values are ​​over 90% because of the game and game guard.
    Thx for help.

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    Can you try something else? Lets delete the client cache and log folder.
    Disconenct from all servers and click on Settings > Options > Security now Press "Clear Cache". This dialog could take a while and maybe your laptop hangs, please be patient, when your harddrive is not that fast
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    I might be totally off here, but if his pc beeps during the freeze moments, and it beeps with PCspeaker not over soundcard(which can be verified) then I would also check if it is not a hardware problem. Do we talk about regular pc or notebook?

    And yes I would go along the way with
    sound card drivers etc
    system log events for any anomalies

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