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    Set permissions channels. Edit and change password

    Goodnight everyone.

    I'm trying to configure my server I'm not getting more TS3.

    There are only some of the Administrator The server can edit the channel name?
    As the Administrator of the room would have privilege to change the password of the channel.

    I tried here and can not ... Configured the way I left the room does not have Administrator privileges to edit the channel name and not his password. I wish he could edit only the password. : (

    Could someone give me a light?

    Since already thank you very much.

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    If I good understood you, you talk about the channel admin and the channel modify permission.

    First don't forget to switch on advanced permission mode (Settings > Options > Application part > check Advanced Permissions system)
    Now open the the channel group permission dialog and look at the modify part, select the channel group
    Channel > Modify

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