I fought with trying to use launchd to start my instance of ts3server_mac.

I am using MySQL and the problem was that ts3server_mac attempted to start before MySQL was ready.

My environment is:
Mac OSX Server 10.7.3
MySQL & MySQL System Preferences Pane Installed from mysql.com
I have a limited user called teamspeak as an account to run TS3
My teamspeak server instance is located here:


Here is what I did to reliably set ts3server_mac to start up automatically upon reboot:

As an Administrative user of the system open a terminal and do:

sudo -i

cd /Users/teamspeak/ts3server/
nano ts3server_mac_delayed

put this code in that file:

sleep 15
cd /Users/teamspeak/ts3server
su teamspeak -c "./ts3server_mac inifile=ts3server.ini &"

save and exit the nano editor by doing CTRL X

chown teamspeak:staff /Users/teamspeak/ts3server/ts3server_mac_delayed
chmod 775 /Users/teamspeak/ts3server/ts3server_mac_delayed

crontab -e (this will bring you into the vi editor google vi cheat sheet for more info)

press i to insert text

paste this code into vi:

@reboot /Users/teamspeak/ts3server/ts3server_mac_delayed

hit esc and press ZZ which will save and exit the file
reboot your mac server and teamspeak should startup automatically