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    [Request] Relay & Delay Voice to an other Channel

    Hello there,

    I would like to ask if someone knows (and hell I did google a lot and search this forum) or is ready to create a plugin (probably a bot?) which is able to kind of "record" everything which is said in a channel (A) an relay the whole thing to an other channel (B). In addition to that it would be great if you could customize a certain delay. Let me give you an example.

    A CSS Team is currently playing some Cup Game and the Fanboys would like to heard their comms while watching STV which has 90sec delay. Now first "problem" would be them having atm in the same channel as the players -> have them sitting in Channel B. Now since you would get the comms right away but the picture (stv) has 90 secs delay - everything is messed up and pointless.

    Think this is possible for Ts3?

    If you want an example, here is EVE the mumble bot:


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    1 Client, 2 Tabs (1 hear, 1 streams).

    With Stereo-Mix as Sample.

    Yes, so easy..

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    okay, sure and where do I get the 90 seconds delay from?

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    little bump - anybody else?

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