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    how can i make it so no one can record conversations on our team speak , not even adm

    i need to disable the recording feature for everyone , i am chanel comander

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    Only ways I know of are plugins or bots that kick users when they start to record.

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    As Screech said, you can only handle those users who use the internal record function of TS.
    If an user uses another tool or software besides TS to record, you cant forbid this on normal ways.

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    You should start whisper to other users instead.
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    With so many permissions for things partwise not really that important, why did you never include a Permission settings concerning recording ? That would be a valid permission and a reason to have something like this. Really wonder why you didnt include this. Now i have to rely on 3rd Party plugins to work properly and try to disallow it that way. Much easier would be with a included permission setting.

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