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    licesekey.dat (please explain)

    Guys, please do not ignore my question, and do not move the topic, I have a very easy question for you since it is difficult for me.
    In general: I'm not there some way hosting, I do not have a project, I do not sell their Channel users who do not sell their server. But! I just want to have a key for 1000 slots on my same server, virtual server, I do not need, just want to have on your server EXACTLY 1000 slots. I do not want to order a server with the key slots in 1000 and authorized the company want to have your own server.


    1. Is this possible? (if yes, how?).
    2. How much will it cost?

    Why am I asking all this, if all this is in your FAQ?
    Answer: I am from Russia, speak English poorly, and you have quite competently in the FAQ all painted, literary language, which translate not understand.

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    How? Buy an AAL from TeamSpeak USA.
    How much? $500 per year.

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    For all license question please contact the sales service : [email protected]
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