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    TS3 Channel Permissions?

    I have a quick question. In the permission system for the standard "Admin" class, the power to join a channel is 75. I have a channel that I want to be above the "Admin" class, so I set it to a required join/subscription power of 100, but the standard admins can still join it..what am I doing wrong? Why is 100 in the channel (and over) less than 75? Is there another permission I am missing? Thanks for your help.

    Brendan "NinjaNife" West

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    Check in server groups, if b_client_skip_channelgroup_permissions is enabled ?

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    Just found it; it is enabled..but I can't disable it because I have "insufficient permission modify power". I have set the "b_client_modify_dbproperties" for my admin class to 100, but it still denies me access..what should I do? Is there any way to more easily setup a level 100 class than manually going in and changing every permission to 100 via Telnet? No changes are working using the TS3 interface

    Brendan "NinjaNife" West

    I am able to change some settings using the original Admin class, but if I use the copy of that (which I tried setting the Modify settings to 100), it says insufficient power. And even using the original class I cannot set any values higher than 75, just revoke them entirely.

    I also removed that permission on a test class and left the Channel Join Power at 75, and made a channel with a join power requirement of 70, and they couldn't join the channel..I either am doing this wrong or it is broken on my server xD
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    1. You might go the other way around, by configuring the lower(current/default Channel Admin) powers to 70 instead of 75.

    2. the "admin class" is refering to a serverGroup or a channelGroup, somehow I am uncertain which one is it.

    3. GRANT permission is what is restricting you from setting any permission over 75, since 75 is the default GRANT value(~=max value of permission you are able to set)

    4. yes if you use your serverQuery you can change these to almost anything...

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