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    Teamspeak 3 CPU usage


    I started using TS3 about 2 month ago, cause its the way of communication our clan goes. But I have troubles with its amount of CPU usage.

    First something about my System:
    Phenom II X2 550 BE Dualcore @ 3.6 GHz
    MSI 790FX-GD70 Motherboard
    G35 Gaming Headset
    Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit

    I have tried changing some settings, but to no avail.
    When I start the TS3 Client, it already uses 5-6% of my CPU. When I connect to server, CPU usage jumps up to 8% in a silent channel to up to 12% in a crowded channel.
    When I compare to other programs running in the background, this is a tremendous amount of CPU usage, WLM, Skype, MSE, MSI Afterburner, utorrent, all my other background processes run at 0.1-1.5% CPU usage, and even my Audio Player with whatever enhancements enabled only uses about 4%.
    Additionally, when TS3 is launched, audiodg.exe runs as if audio was playing all the time, even if there no sound played at all, even if I am the only person in a channel. Audiodg.exe uses around 13% using my G35 headphones (its around 3% using onboard sound, but I do not have speakers).

    Together this adds up to about 20-25% CPU usage caused by TS3 alone on an idle System, which would otherwise use less than 5%.
    I have 3 thoughts/worries about this.
    a) This is not a weak CPU. 12% CPU usage is a lot, its more than my Media Player playing a movie. What does TS3 need so much CPU power for?
    b) While being a good CPU, it is kind of sub-par in my setup, and usually bottlenecks my games. I believe this effects my gaming performance as well.
    c) Simply by needing so much CPU Power, TS3 prevents my idle computer from dropping into C1E state. This makes quite a difference in power usage, and I do not really want to have to think whether I left TS3 on or not when I leave my computer, the same way you have to think about leaving the lights on when you leave the house.
    Or have it cause an additional 40 watts of power consumption when I am simply browsing the internet.

    I would appreciate any help to drop TS3s CPU usage to what seems to be normal for a program running in the background, and also what I have to change that audiodg.exe can idle again while TS3 is running, as it does not play any sound at all.


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    Please try with this:
    Settings --> Options --> Capture --> Deactivate "Echo cancelation" --> Button "Apply"


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    Thank you for your reply.

    It is already deactivated.
    I have turned it on and off before, without any noticeable change in CPU usage at all.

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    Just for discarding: have you try deactivating all the TS3 plugins?
    Settings --> Plugins --> Uncheck all the plugins.

    And using google, i've found this link:

    Good luck.

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    I checked the plugins, and there were 2 active ones. Application Scanner (which I turned off, why is it running anyways?) and G15 plugin (which I use for my G13).
    Turning both off had no effect on CPU usage.

    I have searched google for this before and checked it, I do not use any of these enhancements.

    Unfortunately I was not able to resolve this issue yet.

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    Just wanted to say that I have the same problem. It remains even though I recently reinstalled windows & teamspeak (I've had it for a really long time). I've also tried all the fixes mentioned above without any luck.

    One thing I noticed is that when I have teamspeak on and my volume up quite high, I get this somewhat quiet repetitive background noise (which is really annoying but you can't hear it at lower volumes). The sound goes away if I close teamspeak.

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    I know this is windows section but since I started using newer ts3client under my Linux, higher CPU load caused by teamspeak is normal.
    Gladly I have dualcore(so it doesn't piss me that much since only one core is sucked in by ts3).
    No errors to be found in this matter. Above checks were also done, even against latest client. No missing libs nothing specific in client log.
    The load is not continous, but like 16sec.1core.avg=98% 2sec.1core.avg=16%. (the periods might depend on ammount of servers you are connected to or what you have done since teamspeak3 startup)

    It is harder to see it on multicore systems. Could other linux users also check? I heard from some user that it is on his distribution too.

    I will do my best in time resources to start thread on these bugs with much better depth in linux subforum.

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