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    New members cant talk

    Hi, I have a server for my CLAN and I want that new members that get into the clan wont have the premission to send messages or talk with other members how can I do it?

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    Make sure the default server group is "Guest". Make sure APS is enabled. (Settings>Options>Application and make sure Advanced permissions system is on).

    Now go into Server Groups, Guest, click on client, Basics and set Client Talk Power to -1, then when members are added to Normal, it will take them out of that group and they will be able to talk.

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    I try it but one thing that i have a problem that when I add them as normal so they can talk....When they disconnect and then reconnect it adds them back to guest again
    So its a problem help and they still can send text messages and I dont want them to do this aswell

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    Check the b_group_is_permanent in your normal group.

    About the text message, open the permission dialog > write "textmessage" in the Filter area
    Now you have all permission in the Client/Basics part.

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    Im very sorry im new in the TS3 where is the b_group_is_permanent ?

    and about the textmessages I wrote it and I see that its 75 to what I need to change it so new members cant send messages and pokes aswell?

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    This answer, where you can enable advanced permissions. You need this to enable the filter function for permissions.

    Please enter b_group_is_permanent into the filter and enable it on the desired group.

    For pokes and messages: enter "poke" or message into the filter and all available permissions come up
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