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    Unable to hear or speak

    Client Version: TeamSpeak 3 (v3.0.5 2012-02-15)

    Client log -
    Critical: none
    Errors: none
    Warnings: none
    Debug: 2012-03-02 16:17:29 Direct Sound Debug setting timer resolution to 1ms

    Soundcard: Realtek HD Audio (onboard) with latest drivers (v 2011-08-30)
    Headset: Plantronics GameCom 377
    OS: Win XP SP3
    DirectX: v 9.0c (dxdiag sound tests all OK)
    Mainboard: Gigabyte M61P-S3

    Playback Settings -
    Playback mode: Direct Sound
    Playback Device: Realtek HD Audio Output
    Voice volume: +2.0 dB
    Soundpack volumre: -17.0 dB

    NOTE: When the "Play Test Sound" button is clicked, I can hear nothing - tried setting both above volume controls to max, but still no test sound heard.

    Capture Settings -
    Capture Mode: Direct Sound
    Capture Device: Realtek HD Audio Input
    PTT: ON
    Echo reduction: ON
    Echo cancellation: OFF

    NOTE: Mic test works as expected - PTT button pressed & blue button lights up & coloured bars respond correctly to mic input.

    Profiles for above settings named, saved and applied against servers in Bookmarks.

    The problem:

    My brother and I are both new users. Newly installed client s/w, both followed through the setup wizard, both connect to servers OK, create channel & both join same channel. We can each see the other's blue 'talk' indicator light up, but neither of us can hear the other speak. Text communication works fine.

    Mic & headphones working correctly when tested in Windows "Sounds and Audio Devices".

    Have tried the various options for Playback and Capture (tested one by one), but without any change of results - at a loss to know what else to try - any help would be much apreciated.

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    You gave a lot of informations, maybe this helps you.
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