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    Windows 7 64bit file transfer drag and drop

    One one PC that is Windows XP Professional I can drag and drop files into the file browser window.

    On Windows 7 64bit the cursor turns to a circle with a slash through it signifying that this operation can not be carried out.

    Is there some trick to allow drag and drop on a W7 64bit system?

    I searched the forums and came up empty.

    I tried giving myself full access to the TeamSpeak 3 Client folder and that did not help. I tried running the program as administrator also a dead end.

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    As far as I experienced with this issue, you have to lower your UAC settings. Have a try.

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    DaMatz's answer is correct. This is a conflict with UAC and need to be changed from your side.
    You better do not change UAC settings, to prevent bad tools.
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    I actually just went the other way a week ago and created a dedicated Admin account on my PC and neutered my normal log on to a regular user.

    I did this because I got bit a month ago by a virus from a website that made a whole lot of registry changes it should not have been able to do.

    So if reducing UAC is the answer then I can live without it.

    Thanks for the answer

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