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    Question Server Status Sites Not Being Able to Connect to Server

    Ok, before I begin I want everyone to know I'm complete noob at this and it's the first time I've ever had a private server, I'm lucky to have even managed to get it running. :S Soooo this is probably going to be a dumb question and I apologize if it's been asked a million times already.

    I've attempted to use various sites which offer TS3 server status scripts for your site (such as but I can't get them to connect to the server.
    I read something about having to add the IP of the site running the server status to the ServerQuery whitelist, but all I can find is the port so I'm not sure where to head with this. x.X

    Any help would be appreciated, and I'm not sure what info you need to be of assistance, or if you even need any, so here's some random info:

    Private server ran on VPS Linux
    TeamSpeak 3 Server 3.0.2

    Thank you and sorry to be a bother. :c

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    Your server does not have the required permissions for Guest Server Query group:
    Welcome to the TeamSpeak 3 ServerQuery interface, type "help" for a list of comm
    ands and "help <command>" for information on a specific command.
    version=3.0.2 build=1330493972 platform=Linux
    error id=0 msg=ok
    error id=2568 msg=insufficient\sclient\spermissions failed_permid=4356
    error id=2568 msg=insufficient\sclient\spermissions failed_permid=4355
    error id=2568 msg=insufficient\sclient\spermissions failed_permid=4355
    use port=9987
    error id=0 msg=ok
    error id=2568 msg=insufficient\sclient\spermissions failed_permid=8471
    error id=2568 msg=insufficient\sclient\spermissions failed_permid=8475
    error id=2568 msg=insufficient\sclient\spermissions failed_permid=8473
    The IDs correspond to:

    • b_serverinstance_virtualserver_list
    • b_serverinstance_info_view
    • b_virtualserver_info_view
    • b_virtualserver_channel_list
    • b_virtualserver_client_list

    I don't know which of these are required by each of the status script providers. I just used some of the commands that would make sense. You can set them all if you want. Usually, SgID=1 is the Guest Query Group. Press Windows+R enter:
    telnet 10011
    If this does not work (telnet is usually disabled in Windows 7), you have to enabled it first (use Google). Then you have to log in with your serveradmin account:
    login serveradmin PASSWORD
    Where password is your serveradmin password. After that, use the following commands:
    use port=9987
    servergroupaddperm sgid=1 permsid=b_serverinstance_virtualserver_list permvalue=1 permskip=0 permnegated=0
    servergroupaddperm sgid=1 permsid=b_serverinstance_info_view permvalue=1 permskip=0 permnegated=0
    servergroupaddperm sgid=1 permsid=b_virtualserver_info_view permvalue=1 permskip=0 permnegated=0
    servergroupaddperm sgid=1 permsid=b_virtualserver_channel_list permvalue=1 permskip=0 permnegated=0
    servergroupaddperm sgid=1 permsid=b_virtualserver_client_list permvalue=1 permskip=0 permnegated=0

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