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    Solved How do i undo forced push to talk?

    Hey everyone,

    Thanks in advance for reading and hopefully solving my problem with TS.

    Earlier today i recieved a message in TS saying something like: Permission asked for assigning ``forced push to talk``.

    Stupid me has chosen for yes and now i am bound to push a button before i can talk. However i dont want that!!! I simply want my auto detection do the thing for me. I been looking anywhere also in settings to undo it. It does not work.

    Does anyone know how i solve this? I even uninstalled and reinstalled TS, but it saves your latest settings so that didnt work either.

    I hope you guys got the answer/solution.

    Thank you!!

    greets, Diesel117

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    This was just an information, that you are forced to use Push-to-Talk.
    The admin on that server has set the permission b_client_force_push_to_talk to your group.

    You can get the message again when you go into Settings > Options > Application now click on Reset Confirmations.
    This resets all Notifications like Force PTT
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    ok thank you very much!!

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    Need Help on Force-Push-to-talk

    Last night when I logged into My clans TS server it poped up with an error that said I was being set to Force-Push-To-talk. Now I am the only one who is set that way on our server. I need to know what needs to be changed to set me back to non force-Push-to-talk?

    Thanks for the help

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    You have been assigned b_client_force_push_to_talk by someone, can be only in a specific (subset of all ) Channel(s) or everywhere, you can check your Permission Overview to see where you got it from and need to contact an Admin to remove it from you.

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