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    Question Push to talk key < not accepted

    Hey everybody,

    I hope this is a bug and I'm posting in the correct forum. Since a few days I encounter a strange behavior of the push to talk function:

    When I try to assign the "less than" key on my German keyboard (<, below A and left of Y), exactly nothing happens. The dark grey window keeps showing.

    Strange thing is, I can assign every other key of the keyboard. It's only the < key that doesn't work. But: In every other programm, the < key works like a charm.

    Sure, I could assign any other key. But for the last five years I've been playing with < as PTT key. I'd very rather not like to have to relearn the key binding.

    The config file is saved in the installation path, not the user's directory. I'm running TS3 Client in administrator mode to be able to have the PTT functionality when I'm in World of Warcraft. I've already deinstalled and reinstalled TS3 Client but that didn't help.

    All drivers are up to date. Although I'm running the cordless desktop on the older software of Logitech (SetPoint v. 4.80) because the most current one (v. 6.32) seems bugged. But I haven't changed anything about this config lately so I just cannot explain why the key binding suddenly stopped working.

    These are my system specs. Please ask for more information if needed.

    OS: Win 7 Professional 64bit SP1
    TeamSpeak: TS 3 Client 3.0.5
    Keyboard: Logitech Cordless Desktop MX 5500 Revolution Bluetooth
    Headset: Plantronics DSP 400 USB
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    I can not reproduce your problem. Assigning the "<"-key as push-to-talk works like a charm.

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    I also can't say, that my client rejects that key.
    I can use it as an hotky for PTT or other actions.

    Can you use it while your client is in foreground?
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