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    TS3 - Bann a offline user

    A user do bad things on my server so that I want to bann him.
    How can I bann a offline user of my TS3 server.

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    In the Server Chat, right click on his nickname .... > Ban User

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    No need to right click, left clicking is essentially the same.
    Just in case you were not present and only got told (or read through the logs) that he did something bad for which you would like to ban him:
    Goto: Tools -> Ban List -> Add
    and then enter the Unique ID of the Person which you want to ban in the Unique ID field. Leave the other fields blank, enter the Time for which you want to ban the user and click OK.
    In case you became aware of this through the ServerLog and thus only have the Clients Database ID:
    Goto: Permissions -> Channel Groups of Client -> Enter the Database ID in the Top Left Field and press Enter. -> Copy the Unique ID from the bottom left Field and follow the above Steps.

    Same way applies if you want to ban certain Nicknames or IP Addresses just put them in the appropriate Field in the Add Ban Dialog instead of the Unique ID Field above.

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    If he knows the name of the user, he can go into the userlist, right click on the name and select "ban user".

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