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    Capture Profile, Playback Profile and Identities not recognized [Mac OSX Lion]

    Hello people, i got a problem with my TeamSpeak 3 Client on my MacBook with MacOS X Lion.
    If I edit the Bookmarks to use Capture Profiles, Playback profiles and Identities it says
    "The capture profile XYZ could not be found, using STANDARD"
    "The identity XYZ could not be found, using STANDARD"
    "The playback Profile XYZ could not be found, using STANDARD"
    "The hotkey profile XYZ could not be found, using STANDARD".
    This error still occurs when reinstalling, even if all Teamspeak related files where deleted before (I used AppCleaner for this).
    If I select the profiles manually it works all fine.
    TeamSpeak Version 3.0.5
    MacOS X Lion: 10.7.3
    If anyone knows how to solve this problem please tell me.

    Comment: I don't know if I spelled everything right, i'm German so I just tried my best to make it clear what i want.
    If any further information is needed, make a reply post and tell me.

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    How and where do you select the profile manuallyand what do i need to do, to get that problem?
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    If I select them from the toolbar or the options menu, they work. I get this problem when i add/change a bookmark to use the identities/profiles. It shows them correctly even after closing and reopening the bookmark window, but as soon as i want to use the bookmark on startup or when already running it gives this error.

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