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    Post Using TS3 for business/ Mobile/ Possible replacement for Nextel PTT

    Not sure if I should be posting this here but I been searching / googling this subject and I'm not seeing what I need.

    I work for a fairly large Company that has about 2500 employees. One section of the Company is Mobile with Net-books running custom software to run their business. These Net-books are on a cellular data network 3g/4g ( the Carrier dose not care if we VoIP.) We have about 200 of these devices on the road any given day. But we have about 270 deployed it would be rare if they all were on line at one time.
    So we currently dispatch the vehicles via Nextel 2 way Push to talk, and the vehicles use the cellular phone of the Nextel to communicate with our customers. In cause you don't know the Nextel network will be shut down some time in 2013. So being a long time gamer and be exposed to TS I saw an opportunity to have TS3 replace the old Nextel technology.
    But I have lost of questions on things like data usage. The devices are on limited data packages we can increase if necessary but we really have to pinch dollars/ pennies when you multiply X 300 or 400 by $20 it rally adds up
    ( we support those 270 vehicles with users in offices using Nextel) also, I know bandwidth is a issue and we have done some basic tests and we can run the server @ Codec 1.90KB/s 32 kHz Quality 2 Delay 60ms. At this setting it is my opinion that voice quality is better than Nextel PTT.

    So Right now I could see up-to 300 users on at one time probably 7 virtual servers on one machine? We have the means to have our own server but may consider renting off site could be an advantage.

    Im sure I missed something ask away or start the advice.

    I would conciser this business allot like police dispatch but don't worry it is not.

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    Thank you to considering Teamspeak for you company. But this is a business development question.
    You have to contact teamspeak USA directly for that.

    By ticket
    By phone call

    Hoping you could find a good solution

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