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    Solved [pluginsdk] Not possible to disable menus by default

    In my opinion it's not possible to disable menus by default (if I overlooked that, please correct me).

    Some thoughts:

    The only moment, I know, that my menus are created, is after the function ts3plugin_initMenus was called.

    Of course, I could check, if that function already was called and disable the menus manually in another function (or work with another thread), but that seems to be a bit dirty.

    My suggestion is, to add a member to the PluginMenuItem-Struct, which determines, if the menu is enabled.

    Like this:
    struct PluginMenuItem {
    	enum PluginMenuType type;
    	int id;
    	char text[PLUGIN_MENU_BUFSZ];
    	char icon[PLUGIN_MENU_BUFSZ];
    	bool enabled;
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    Client 3.0.6 has a new function setPluginMenuEnabled, which can be called right after creating the menus in initMenus or later at runtime whenever you need.

    So in ts3plugin_initMenus you could do:
    /* Create menu code here.... */
    ts3Functions.setPluginMenuEnabled(pluginID, MENU_ID_GLOBAL_2, 0);
    That would create the menuitem initially disabled. The advantage over the additional parameter is that you can call this function later to dynamically change the menu, too.

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    Ah ok, didn't know, that you can call setPluginMenuEnabled in the initMenus function.

    Thanks for the reply.

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