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    Exclamation Issues setting Join Power to rooms in TS3

    Thanks for taking the time to read and help first off.

    I am fairly new to TS and have just set up hosting my first TS3 server. I have been trying to set permissions up for our server and various channels we have set up. Been going good until today when I hit a snaffu...I got one channel to work correctly and set the Join Power to 100 so that only Admin lvl users could access it as I have already set the Admins to have a high enough Join Power for this. I am trying to set up another room with a Join Power of 75 so that other high lvl members of our Game guild will be able to access it but not everyone in the guild to have access. When I went to set the Join power for the second room it keeps telling me "Error Applying Permissions". I am logged in via serverquery priviledges with the serveradmin authorities...but for some reason I cannot get it to set up correctly. Can anyone help me with this issue?

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    NEVER ADD YOURSELF IN THE QUERY ADMIN GROUP. This is not a regular group. You could destroy your permission system if you don't know what you do !
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    Your post is very abstract and it does lack an important amount of information. Since this is more like a custom request I suppose sending a PM with your server address(and password if it is set) will be best/fastest to accomplish.

    Aside of that option, you could edit channelGroup permissions, to meet your criteria, and then you will not need server wide changes.
    meaning in short version that:
    Channel admin join power/subscribe power 20
    Operator join power/subscribe power 10
    Voice join power/subscribe power 5
    guest join power/subscribe power - (not set)

    Then depending on which group should be able to access the channel, you could set in channel permissions
    needed join power/needed subscribe power
    to values you want. Of course if it is not in same channel tree, then you could use also channelGroups assignment.

    Clan Leaders and Clan Deputy Leaders will have Channel admin, and there will be channel for them with needed =20.
    Clan Team/Branch Leaders will have Operator, and they will have separate room with needed=10, while above group could enter that room.
    Then there is members.... they could have either guest or Voice channelGroup based on their seniority status.

    Oh, and you should not need serverQuery to be able to change these, just ts3client will do.

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