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    Any way to change font colours?

    I have tried a few themes and with all of them I have had an issue, where it is difficult to read some of the text in the window. This seems to be predominately because of colour, so is there any way for me to change the colour of the text in the chat window?

    Here is an example, the blue text in the chat window.
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    Hello, for all themes, if you can't read in the chat, you should contact the creator of the themesd for change the problem

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    You can edit the colour in the .tpl files inside the skin you have downloaded

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    The .tpl files have nothing to do with it. The .tpl skins the information shown in the right pane.

    There is simply no way to change the color of the links in the chat. Shouldn't be too hard to implement for the Teamspeak guys, seeing Mumble (Also using Qss) has this ability, but so far no luck. Plenty of topics and questions about it, so don't count on it being changed.

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