Hello world,

we are pleased to announce the next minor version of the TeamSpeak 3 Server software, versioned 3.0.3.

The biggest change since 3.0.2 is the addtion of temporary server passwords: This allows you to add an additional password to your server that expires after a certain time that you can specify. So, if you invite a few guys over but don't want to give them the "real" server password, you create a temporary password that expires after 1 day and give them this one.

Feel free to post any bugs, suggestions or feedback below.

Complete list of changes:

=== Server Release 3.0.3 19 March 2012
! permissions updated to revision 14
+ added temporary serverpasswords (servertemppasswordadd, servertemppassworddel, servertemppasswordlist)
  check docu for details
+ added new permission b_client_request_talker to control who can request talk power  
+ added new permission b_client_avatar_delete_other to allow deleting avatars from other clients
+ ftinitdownload and ftinitupload shows binded ips
- fixed queryclient antiflood bug