Hello all,

Been looking for ways to get the community over at Ahoy World to engage more with eachother. The core members use TeamSpeak the majority of the time so we'd like to encourage more people to access it. I started up an IRC server a while back but it's never used.

After a lot of thought, my conclusion was that all I needed was some way to export the text chat from TeamSpeak to the site. If I could do that and place it at the top of the home page, or even inside a sidebar, it'd be fantastic for getting members to engage and talk to one-another, regardless of having to install specific applications!

The second sentence of this topic is exactly what I'm looking for, though this quickly goes off to a client-based IRC plugin.

Would it be possible to, maybe with a bot, export the TeamSpeak text chat to a live, updating "Shout Box" that users can post into?

Looking forward to hearing your responses. It's important to note that if anyone is willing to take the time to develop such an addition, money could be provided for your troubles.