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    Solved Server randomly dropping all clients

    I am running a server on debian squeeze. everything is up to date (server version 3.0.3), and everything works fine until a certain point of the, when the server starts randomly disconnecting everyone and rendering itself unavailable for reconnects.

    what ive tried and a bit more details:
    log entries? all say "client disconnected: connection lost". my webinterface and the server query both say that the server is up and running. i am running a bot which is disabled to figure out if it was the reason for the crashs, it was not. i am running other services on the server aswell which are up and running fine if the ts3 is down, so its apparently no connection error. i am also running monit (a tool to observe certain services and check every once in a while if they are up, if not restart them). i disabled that too, the bug still occured. firewall is set up correctly, everything should work fine.

    is this my mistake or is it just a strange bug or .. i dont know?
    what can i try to fix that, cause it is really annoying and of course not the service i want to offer (even if its free for others (i have the non-profit license and am running one single virtual server with 100 slots)).

    any explanations? does anyone experience that too?

    EDIT: bug occured since version 3.0.2!
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    Is your a vps or a dedicated server?
    Is it self-hosted on a xdsl line or hosted by a provider?
    Do you use a dynamic or a static IPv4 adress?

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    hi thanks for your fast answer!

    its a virtual server, using a provider, i have a static ipv4.

    btw: i read about some strange behavior occuring if the server listens on all ips (, could that be the reason? if so, how can i assign it to my ip? i did not find a working way to create and use the ini file for linux.


    UPDATE: i assigned the server on my ip now, so far no drops. i will see how this works out throughout the day.
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    Assigning my ip with the parameters voice_ip=x.x.x.x and query_ip=x.x.x.x (i dont use the file transfer, but it would be filetransfer_ip=x.x.x.x for those of you using it) fixed it.

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