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    [SUGG] Option to assign server group when using temp password

    My thought on this is that I want a Temp Guest server group with a -1 join power so that if I'm defining the channel they join I can also restrict them from moving. I can set the default guest group to -1 join power, but this will affect normal members using the server's permanent password that have not yet been added to the appropriate server group for members. I can also see some temp passwords not needing to assign a server group so being optional would be great.
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    You could use a new default group on your server instead.
    All your members could use Normal or your own VIP group. This works with our invite dialog already.

    This is an overkill feature*
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    I'm doing that as a work around for right now. Problem is if a member that has been away for awhile returns using the permanent password they may not already be in one of the groups that can move. I'm hoping to prevent this problem so I've made a thread on the forums for the outfit in a member restricted area with a list of tokens they can use to to join the outfit member server group on the TS3 server. I have it so any normal or member user can move someone from the Guest group with -1 join power to either a Perm Guest that will be there next time they connect or a Visitor group for the remainder of their current session so they can move around. The Visitor group is from before getting temp passwords so that normal and members could create invites with a token to this group and not need to give out the server temp password, for now it will can be use as a temp pass to move around after using a temp password.

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