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    Bad Recording Quality at the first 30 minutes

    I have following error:

    If I open my TS anew, he takes the sound quality very far under it.
    I sound so badly that me hardly somebody understands. The sound is chopped off and sounds strongly compressed.
    Also a selftest changes nothing, all the other online programmes disabled … Test DSL shows the DSL 6000 well and in the green range runs.

    After some minutes (thus approx. 20-30) and a restart of TS3 I have a normal and good sound quality again.
    (With sound quality I mean my admission them the others hear!)

    BS Win7 64 bit
    TS3 3/0/6

    *** German part deleted ***
    *** This forum is english only ***
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    What does this mean "selftest changes nothing" ?
    This funktion is only a local test and it just shows you how you sound and will not calibrate or change anything.
    Do you hear yourself normal and sounds it as it should if you use the local voicetest or is there the same sound problem?

    So you say: You've to keep the client running for approx. 20-30 mins and then you've to restart the client and the problem is gone?
    This sounds very strange ;/

    What about testing your microphone in another application, as example in windows ? Does it work there for you as it should?

    Did you try to disable some functions in the capture dialog?

    "Remove background noise, Legacy Voice Activation Detection, Automatic gain control, delay releasing Push-To-Talk"
    and maybe "Echo reduction, Echo cancellation"

    Please give it a try and maybe give us further informations.
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