Hi all

A buddy of mine has a realllly crappy ISP which handles UDP packets by dropping them super fast after ~1 minute unless it's really just DNS :-/

The Result for Teamspeak is, he can't use it at all... TCP Based VoiceComms work perfectly (Vent, Mumble with tcp,etc.).

So I tried to tunnel the TS connection via TCP and my PC, but this does not work either.

The problem seems to be that the TS3 Protocol seems very "touchy" with clients not replying _instantly_...

I tried it locally, but I could not even tunnel it locally via tcp, so it's def. a socat/ts3 problem :-/

Has any1 ever done this with success or has an idea what to do about?

note: sndlowat was just a tried tweak getting it to work, but no success...
Server side: socat tcp4-listen:1234,sndlowat=6,bind,fork UDP:ts3-server.com:9987

Client side: socat -T15 udp4-recvfrom:9987,reuseaddr,fork tcp:
Thanks a lot in advance :-)