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    [SUGG] When merging post in a thread, include date time of post being merged

    This is really simple. When you merge a couple post, make sure the date time of the post that is going away is put into the post it is getting merged with, best place would be just under "--- Merged ---". Without this it is impossible to keep a timeline of when post were made. I still think it is crazy the amount of merging going on here, but if you plan to merge ever post in a thread as it seams, at least leave date/time (not of when you merged it, when the post being merged was posted) there for reference.

    Of course the flaw in this is still that when you type in a date time it has no consideration for timezone. I think for post that are updates, lets say more than 2 weeks after a previous post it should not be merged. I still don't understand the goal of all the merging, it gets frustrating to me as it is not a normal practice on any other forum I'm on.

    Merging does make since when someone post a question that has already been answered and merging their post to that thread is logical.
    Last edited by dante696; March 29th, 2012 at 12:17 PM. Reason: adding a date maybe ok, i already anwesred tha twe hold it clean on that way.

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