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    January 2011

    accidentally remove grant permission with serveradmin

    i accidentally removed the grant permission at one right...
    how i can reset that so i can edit that permission?

    best regards, cbacon

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    May 2010

    What permission an what error message you get ?

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    washington DC suburb

    I did the same thing!

    I was trying to learn permissions and I remove granted permission and didn't realize I was in the server admin group. A warning did pop up and I am a A typical- no read, just click. Now I cannot change permissions for Poke.

    Is there a way to restore Server Admin grant permissions? OR is there a way to restore permissions to a default?

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    May 2010

    If you are the owner, look at this thread (you have to add this permission with the query command) :

    If it's a rented Teamspeak server, ask to your provider.

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