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    Solved Sub-channel in ts3server link

    *** German part deleted ***
    *** This forum is english only ***

    Google translat:


    Of thought:
    I should via command line Ts3 direckter start a server and then join the channel or subchannel join it were first link-that makes everything.

    Previous approach:
    ts3client_win32.exe" "ts3server://Ip:9988?channel=H1&subchannel=u1"
    ts3client_win32.exe" "ts3server://Ip:9988?channel=H1"
    ts3client_win32.exe" "ts3server://Ip:9988?subchannel=u1"

    Distribution Ts:
    - U1
    - U2
    - U3
    - U4

    In the above line to try to get more into the ts on the server and the specified channels, fall into the upper channel H1, but never in the subchannel U1 or U2

    did anyone have an idea, or a plan with the necessary knowledge to help me with this?

    Thanks in advance may help to each of the.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unima
    ts3client_win32.exe" "ts3server://Ip:9988?channel=H1&subchannel=u1"
    Your syntax is wrong.
    Channel and sub channel must be in the same parameter : channel.

    I suggest you to switch on a sub-channel and use the "Invite Buddy" tool to have the correct syntax according your channels

    Tools > Invite Buddy > check "insert my channel"

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    Big Thx it works.

    And sry for my bad english.

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    no problem

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