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    Beining kicked off a server for too many complains

    Sorry if this is the wrong section, I would have posted in the Permission one but I thought that was about issues by server admins and I'm just a guest...

    Anyway. Sometime, when I'm on an "empty" server (on a channel, not the default one), at some point someone joins the server with multiple connections (5 or 6 users with his same nickname appear, like user_1, user_2, user_3 etc) and soon after me and my friends get banned due to "too many complains received". I guess he sends a complain with all his users so it's like 60% of people in the server.

    Problem is that he has the "Server group: guest" status, just like me. But if I try to send a complain, i have the "failed on i_client_needed_complaint_power" or something.

    What's the deal?

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    Your i_client_complain_power is to low, to send a complain against that user. His i_client_needed_complain_power does have an bigger value and this makes it Impossible to you, to complain.

    Your admins should disable that feature, when it gets abused to often.
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